Renia Spiegel Foundation was established in 2015 at the initiative of Renia Spiegel younger sister. Ariana, Elżbieta Bellak was a prodigy child and was named by the press "Polish Shirley Temple" At 8 she performed on stage of "Cyrulik Warszawski Theater" in Warsaw playing piano, singing and reciting poems by Tuwin and Brzechwa. She also appeared in the movies, among others in "Gehenna" by Michał Waszyński. She left Poland in 1944 and resides in New York City.





The Foundation's mission is to:

  1. Publish and promote the diary and poetry of Renia Spiegel
  2. Preserve the legacy of the writing of Renia Spiegel and translation of her works into foreign languages
  3. Create youth programs and educational programs about Renia’s experiences
  4. The creation of a poetry festival named after Renia Spiegel
  5. Award winners of the poetry competition with a Renia Spiegel Award
  6. Support, protect and promote Polish culture, literature and reading in Poland and abroad
  7. Foster tolerance in social and public life
  8. Promote of social, educational, artistic and charitable activity of local communities



The Foundation achieves its goals by:

  1. Publishing the diary and poetry
  2. Organize exhibitions, conferences, seminars, lectures, as well as national and international research projects
  3. Organize the poetry competition, which will be awarded the Renia Spiegel prize
  4. Organizing literary festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other forms of promotion of literature and reading
  5. Establishment of scholarships for writers and poets
  6. Disseminate foundation projects through media outlets
  7. Join endeavors with state institutions and local governments, humanitarian groups around the world
  8. Maintaining the Renia Spiegel archives